Marta's Song

by Manuel Ibañez

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Is forever this happiness?
I'm not a stupid, only a man.
Who don't want to fall again, no more games
If you promise me it's true you take me

If you a human like me
If you are the sunshine over me
If you are the scream
It's all I need

When I wake up next to you
It's the only a see, I see you smile
I give you my heart, but never say good bye

You a human (You are a human)
Like me (like me)
You are the sunshine (You are the sunshine)
Over me (over me)
You are the scream (You are the scream

It's all I need

You are the scream! It's all I need!


released July 18, 2012
Voz, Letra y Música: Manuel Ibañez; Guitarras y Slide: Lito Fernández; Percusión: Rodri "Presenta" y Producción, Banjo, Ukelele, Acústica, Armónica y Coros: Pablo Gómez (Fugitivos del Swing).




Manuel Ibañez Málaga, Spain

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